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This Valentine’s Day we’re talking about cake shipping.

You bake the cake. It looks beautiful. But how do you ship it without ruining it? And how do you make sure it still tastes great days later?

We’re experts in shipping products like this and we’ll walk you through every step.



  1. Freeze. This is important as it will not only help protect the cake from falling apart as the box gets tossed around in transit, but it will also keep the cake as fresh as possible for the recipient.
  2. Cover. There are many ways to cover your cake, depending on what you have available to you. You can wrap it in plastic and/or bubble wrap. If you have a cake container, use that. But make sure it’s secure so the cake has nowhere to go and the frosting won’t get smashed. If your frosting is decorative, use toothpicks to tent the plastic a little so it’s not directly touching the frosting.
  3. Protect. Again, there are many options here. In this example we used a KODIAKOOLER® classic – foam cuts. We ship A LOT of cakes so we always have these in stock. These inserts not only provide insulation, but they are used to stabilize and support delicate products like cakes. If you don’t want to use foam in your packaging solution, we also ship in our sustainable KODIAKOTTON® liners. If you’re shipping from home, use anything that can cushion – but make sure it’s tight and very secure.
  4. Maintain freezing temperature. Remember, we’re now working with a frozen product, so the inside of the box needs to be like a freezer. This requires dry ice. Lay dry ice on top of the now cushioned cake and seal the box tight.

If you’re just starting out shipping temperature-sensitive products, we have a complete guide you can have FOR FREE!

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