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KODIAKOOLER® is the company name and official brand for temperature-control packaging solutions. It is the trademark attached to all our temperature control packaging products.


KODIAKOTTON® is the official brand for natural fiber temperature-control packaging solutions available from KODIAKOOLER® and its distributors. It is a trademark applicable to all our natural fiber packaging products. Certain KODIAKOTTON® products are patent pending.

Are your products earth-friendly?

KODIAKOOLER® packaging products are typically recyclable. Foam, plastics, and corrugated boxes are recyclable; however, many recycling centers do not accept foam, specifically expanded polystyrene foam packaging (aka Styrofoam).

KODIAKOTTON® packaging products are an earth-friendly alternative to traditional foam packaging. Whether recycled or eliminated through regular waste removal channels, KODIAKOTTON® is always an environmentally responsible disposal option.

Will your ice packs keep my frozen products frozen?

No, only use KODIAKOOLER® frozen gel ice packs when shipping frozen products if some thawing is acceptable during shipment. Otherwise, dry ice should be used.

Important note: dry ice is dangerous and must be handled carefully as it will burn skin and emits carbon-dioxide. Ask your dry ice supplier for information necessary to safe handling.

How long do your ice packs last?

There are many variables that influence the performance of an ice pack. That said, we are here to help guide you. Give us a call and we are happy to help you identify what is the right solution for your specific application. Here are a few questions we will ask to help you come up with a solution that will best meet your needs:

  • What are you shipping?
  • What type of packaging are you using?
  • Where are you shipping to?
  • How long do you need the package to remain in a specific temperature range?
  • Are there minimum and/or maximum temperature requirements for the duration of the shipping duration?

Why should I consider moisture-resistant gel packs?

Moisture-Resistant Gel packs absorb moisture thus protecting the product being shipped from condensation that can occur during transit.

Do bricks stay frozen longer?

Possibly, but there are many shipping variables which determine length of time a brick or gel stays frozen. The primary advantage of our brick is the bricks ability to keep a consistent shape & they fit in tighter spaces.

Are the contents inside the gel pack poisonous?

The contents inside our gel packs are non-toxic, but it’s NOT meant to be consumed.

How do I choose the best packaging for my products?

Great question, but a question best answered by one of our packaging professionals. As each temperature-sensitive product packaging application is unique; call or email us today for specific recommendations for reliably protecting your product shipments.


Are your products available nationwide?

Yes. KODIAKOOLER® serves customers from Seattle to Miami, from Boston to Los Angeles. Not all products are stocked at all locations, but products can be positioned to meet your particular requirements.

Can you support a national supply chain for all our locations?

Yes. We currently serve customers with 3-4 locations and as many as 27 locations coast-to-coast. Temperature-sensitive product shipments require consistent temperature-maintenance regardless of origin, destination, and time in transit. KODIAKOOLER® is unique as a packaging manufacturer and distributor. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of companies shipping time and temperature-sensitive products and have the established nationwide network necessary to delivering on their requirements.

Do you have stock products and are there minimum order requirements?

Yes. We stock a variety of products and sizes. Minimum order is $250.00.

Can you provide custom prints and designs?

Yes. Custom printing and designs are available. Certain minimums and additional costs may apply. Your sales associate can provide more detailed information.

What if the products I purchase don't work for my application?

KODIAKOOLER® guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not pleased with the quality or performance of our packaging, simply return it for replacement or refund (subject to a 25% restocking fee).

Most of the time, we recommend testing our products prior to purchase. We will gladly provide samples for testing at no charge to ensure, in advance, that our packaging will meet the requirements of your particular application.

Do you guarantee our product will arrive in satisfactory condition?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the condition of products at delivery. There are simply too many variables in application and the distribution channel. However, we will gladly provide free samples for testing. We understand differences in products, geography, logistics, and other variables will affect shipment outcomes. We strongly recommend test shipping prior to the adoption of any packaging model.

How do I place an order and what is the ordering process?

Orders may be placed by phone (toll-free 866.779.4945), email (, or fax (704.660.1469). You will promptly receive a Sales Order Confirmation by email to review for accuracy prior to shipment. Once shipped, an invoice will be processed and delivered, again, by email. If prepaid, the invoice will be marked “PAID”.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept major credit cards for payment and will establish credit terms (request a credit application).


When will my order ship and deliver?

Orders for stock products are typically shipped same or next business day. Products not in stock will ship as soon as they are available. This may take a day or two, or longer depending on the product and manufacturing requirements. Your sales associate can provide more precise information.

Your sales order confirmation will include the ship date. Every effort is made to communicate an accurate ship date. When circumstances result in a ship date change, you will be promptly notified and provided a specific update. Delivery dates range from 1-5 days depending on destination and service. Our customer service associates can provide estimated delivery date information.

My days are busy, can I schedule an automatic delivery?

Yes! Many of our customers place “auto-orders”. Such orders are for specific items and quantities. These pre-determined orders can be scheduled for delivery daily, weekly, monthly, or any regular shipment. Auto-orders can be postponed, revised, or cancelled at any time. Please allow two (2) business days prior to the next ship date to process an auto-order change.

How will you ship and deliver my order?

Your order will ship either by parcel carrier (FedEx or UPS) or by one of our pre-qualified freight carriers. Shipping decisions are based on delivery performance and cost.

Have a preferred carrier? Just provide your account information and we will ship by your preferred carrier and have the charges billed to your account. Otherwise, shipping costs will be added to your invoice.

What will it cost to deliver my order?

Shipping costs vary, sometimes frequently and occasionally significantly (i.e. during busy holiday seasons). For any particular shipment, include a request for the shipping cost with your order. The shipping cost will be calculated and included with your sales order confirmation. Once entered with your order, the shipping cost is guaranteed.

What if my order does not deliver on time?

We monitor all shipments from origin to destination. Our state-of-the-art logistics software notifies us of any exceptions to the planned itinerary. Delays do occur, and when they do, we will promptly notify you and provide regular updates until your order is delivered. While delays can occur at any time, dates near major holidays and periods of severe weather often delay shipments. Please allow additional transit time during these periods. For priority, time-sensitive orders, our carriers offer expedited delivery service with guaranteed delivery dates. Additional fees apply.

What if my shipment has been damaged in transit?

Unfortunately, the rigors of the distribution channel can result in damages. If your shipment arrives damaged or in any manner unsatisfactory, please make note on the carrier’s delivery receipt. It is imperative to identify any concern and/or damage on the delivery document and notify us immediately. If possible, include applicable pictures. This information is necessary to successfully filing a claim. Most importantly, however, this information will allow us to promptly replace or provide credit per your instruction.

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