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Our goal as a company is to not only create effective and reliable insulated packaging, but also to provide realistic disposal options for consumers.


Don’t just throw away your KODIAKOTTON® natural fiber pads. There are many ways to repurpose them. Use any of our ideas below, or get creative and come up with some of your own!

Weed Barrier

KODIAKOTTON® liners serve as great weed barriers. In flower beds, the natural fiber pads can be laid down as a barrier for weeds. Water and fertilizer can drain through the…

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Grocery Bags

KODIAKOTTON® liners can be reused to insulate cold items you buy at your local grocery store. Don't worry about leaving that icecream in the trunk when you run extra errands…

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Dog Bed

Make a bed for your dog with our KODIAKOTTON® liners! Being cotton based, the liners are very soft and hypoallergenic. Cut the liners to fit your dog's crate and leave…

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The cotton liners have been designed for specific use of applications. In no event shall KODIAKOOLER® be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of it’s products.

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Concerned about reusing the liners in other applications?

Click the picture to the left to get more detailed information about what KODIAKOTTON® actually is, and how you can reuse it or dispose of it.


Each piece of the KODIAKOTTON® natural fiber insulated shipper is recyclable. Follow the instructions below to properly dispose the packaging.

KODIAKOTTON product liner

Simply flatten the box and recycle with the rest of your cardboard and paper.

KODIAKOTTON insulated liner

Our natural fiber pads are fully recyclable. Remove them from the poly film and recycle where #60 cotton is accepted.

Banded KWIKPACK - efficient packout

After separating the poly film from the natural fiber pads, the poly film can be recycled with the rest of your #4 plastic bags.

To find drop off locations near you, follow this link and enter your zip code!

KODIAKOOLER gel ice pack products

Let the gel packs melt completely, snip the corner off a pack, empty into trash and recycle the outer covering with other #4 plastics.

To find drop off locations near you, follow this link and enter your zip code!

The average American disposes 70 pounds of textiles every year.

As a 360 degree recycling program, KODIAKOOLER® is working to partner with local textile recycling programs across the country to give consumers a more convenient disposal option for our cotton liners.

Don’t know the recycling options in your community? Follow this link and search natural fiber pads, poly film or corrugated box and your zip code to help you get started!


KODIAKOTTON® Natural Fiber Pads are biodegradable and compostable as tested by an independent third-party laboratory using ASTM test standards.

Sometimes recycling is complicated and inconvenient.

With natural fiber insulation, you don’t have to feel guilty throwing away the packaging. Our liners fully biodegrade in 27 weeks.


Have more questions about this study? Click here to request the full report.

Our Natural Fiber Insulated Liners are made primarily of cotton. According to a study on cotton’s biodegradability, cotton biodegrades much faster than synthetic fibers because it is made of cellulose (natural, plant-based fibers).

Simply put, because cotton is a plant, it follows a normal cycle of nature. It will naturally go back to the soil from which it was made. So if recycling isn’t an option for you, go ahead and throw the liners away, or better yet, compost them!

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