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Your complete guide to shipping insulated packaging.

Shipping temperature-sensitive products is complex. It’s crucial that every piece of the cold chain is executed correctly for the satisfaction – and safety – of your customers.

That’s why our experts have created this 44-page comprehensive Ebook. We’ve made it so that whether you’re just starting out shipping temperature-sensitive products, or you’ve been shipping for a long time and want to understand the science behind the madness, you will find valuable and essential information in this Ebook.

Topics Covered in this Ebook:

Whether you have a current cold chain shipping program or have a product that requires a temperature-stable solution, we have the years of expertise, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the assistance you need to be successful. The KODIAKOOLER® team encompasses design, engineering, testing and manufacturing, bringing new products and ideas to your company.

We can work with you to design, develop and deliver custom packaging solutions tailored to your product and specific delivery method.

Our strategic solutions have been tested by certified third-parties to ensure the integrity of your products remains intact. At KODIAKOOLER®, our top priority is maintaining the quality of the products you’ve worked so hard to create and manufacture.



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