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Whether your company is shipping life-saving medications, gourmet meals, or one of literally thousands of other temperature-sensitive products, KODIAKOOLER® is committed to providing a reliable and sustainable packaging and service solution with real value.


We work hard to protect and maintain our customer’s temperature-sensitive products.


We drive corporate responsibility by providing environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.


We lead the industry by prioritizing continual innovation and creation of new designs.

Introducing our newest sustainable packaging innovation...

Same Performance. More Efficient. 

Introducing our newest KODIAKOTTON® innovation.

Delivering the same reliable, sustainable packaging – but more efficiently. KWIKPACK® is an assembly system that takes a fraction of the time to pack and simplifies inventory management by being bundled together.

This one-piece design saves time with a less-than-6-second assembly, saves money on freight and storage, and saves space by being bundled together in dispenser boxes or pallet bins.

Banded KWIKPACK - efficient packout
KODIAKOTTON dispenser case

Whether you’re a national meal kit company or a local start-up bakery, we offer a reliable, innovative and sustainable packaging solution for your perishable shipments.

Our custom packaging solutions give our clients the ability to continually create new recipes and deliver the freshest ingredients to their customers.


Shipping pharmaceuticals is complex and costly. Our strategic solutions have been tested by certified third-parties to ensure the integrity of your products remains intact, and the safety of your patients is secure.

At KODIAKOOLER®, our top priority is maintaining the integrity of the products you’ve worked so hard to create and manufacture.

KODIAKOTTON product liner

KODIAKOTTON® Natural Fiber Insulated Shippers. A cotton-based sustainable packaging solution.

KODIAKOOLER foam cooler

EPS Foam: The industry standard delivered by KODIAKOOLER®. Whether it’s coolers, panels, or custom cuts, foam is always a trustworthy economical solution.

KODIAKOOLER reflective products

Reliable. Cost-effective. Convenient. The perfect solution for overnight shipments or extending shipment time to perishables already being insulated by foam.

KODIAKOOLER gel ice packs

Standard, moisture-resistant, block ice, heated gel packs. You name it, we got it.

12Apr 18

Weed Barrier

KODIAKOTTON® liners serve as great weed barriers. In flower beds, the natural fiber pads can be laid down as a barrier for weeds. Water and fertilizer can drain through the…

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