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KODIAKOOLER gel ice packs

Shipping temperature-sensitive products typically requires including refrigerants with your product packaging.

Our standard gel ice packs are the most cost-effective solutions for maintaining a refrigerated environment. Available in seven (7) stock sizes, these durable refrigerants are also available in custom prints and sizes.

Click the link below for REUSE, RECYCLING and SAFETY instructions!


Moisture-resistant gel ice packs are an effective solution when condensation is a concern. These packs minimize moisture inside the package.

Available in six (6) stock sizes, these refrigerants are also tear and puncture resistant. For additional protection against leaks, we offer a leak-resistant gel ice pack formulation. This gel formulation is biodegradable and available in either our standard poly or our moisture-resistant pouch.

KODIAKOOLER moisture-resistant gel ice pack

We are now offering buffer pads! Similar to our KODIAKOTTON® liners, our buffer pads are made up of reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable fiber.

These pads work great in pharma or food applications. They serve to protect sensitive items from getting too cold, and can even be used to protect those items from potential damage in transit.


Block ice packs are an excellent solution when consistent shape is required. These ice packs are constructed using a foam block, which helps ensure a consistent shape after freezing.


For shipping in freezing weather conditions, our heat packs (or even ambient gel packs) may be the solution for protecting shipments in cold stress environments.

All KODIAKOOLER® gel packs contain earth-friendly, non-toxic ingredients. Although not for human consumption, the ingredients can be diluted with copious amounts of water if accidentally swallowed. Gel pack inside contents can be emptied into the trash and the plastic liner can be recycled with #4 plastics.

Did you know?

We also stock a wide variety of other packaging products including boxes, mailers, cushioning materials, temp monitor labels, tapes, stretch wrap, paper products, labels, and much more.


Ordering from us is simple. Call or contact us using the info below. Our packaging experts will work with you to learn about your shipping requirements and create a custom solution based on your needs. From sampling to testing to finally delivery, KODIAKOOLER® is ready to serve.



We understand that you may need more information before making your decision to use KODIAKOOLER. Try one of the links below.

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