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The Holidays might look a little – or a lot – different for most of us this year. Many of us are staying home and missing the traditional cookie swap with family and friends. We might not get to bake together or trade Christmas treats in person this year, but we can still share treats through the mail! As experts in shipping perishables, we’ve put together some tips for shipping your favorite Holiday treats! And we’ve even included some of our favorite recipes.

  1. Bake for durability. While we successfully ship complex baked goods often (like beautifully decorated cupcakes and ice cream cakes), it will be a much simpler experience if you are working with durable treats that have longer shelf lives. For example, today we are shipping lemon sugar cookies, confetti holiday shortbread, and chocolate gingerbread cookies – all treats that taste great days after being baked, and would still look the same if tossed around a little.
  2. Cushion your cookies. If you’re not sure your treats would make it across the country without getting a little torn up – give them some cushioning! Wrap your cookies in plastic wrap and then fill the cookie tin or container with shredded paper or bubble wrap.
  3. …Then cushion your container. Once you place the tin or container into your shipping box, make sure any void area is filled so the container itself doesn’t toss around inside the shipper. We’d recommend using KODIAKOTTON® if you have it – if not, again, shredded paper or bubble wrap will do the trick.
  4. Consider temperature maintenance. Most treats like cookies do best being stored at room temperature, so they should do just fine in most climates. For extra insurance though, we’d recommend layering the shipping box with our KODIAKOTTON® liners or any other filler or cushioning type item should work fine. If you’re shipping anything that needs to be stored in refrigerated temperatures, we recommend putting a frozen gel pack or two in the box, outside the container the treats are in.
  5. Do a test run! Shake your box around – if you hear or feel any cookies move around, take them out of the box and pack everything a little tighter.
  6. Choose a safe shipping method. We recommend choosing a 2-day shipping to ensure those Christmas treats arrive as fresh as possible!

We hope you find these tips useful!

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