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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has dramatically affected every person and every industry across the globe. Many businesses have shut down temporarily, and some even permanently. Entire industries have shifted. With businesses shutting down or cutting back, production slows down – resulting in a dwindling supply of materials. At the same time, demand for those supplies continues to climb. It’s a similar story for most industries – demand has increased, supply has decreased, and material costs have skyrocketed.

Our industry is not untouched by COVID. In fact, transportation – especially cold chain – is one the industries most affected by the virus. The industries we serve, like food, pharma, and home delivery, have dramatically increased demand; while the industries that supply our necessary materials and services, like corrugated, nonwovens, and freight, have slowed production.

In an article we published back in January, we brought up potential challenges our industry could face this year. These include very serious hurdles like increased transportation costs and freight volumes. Now, in March, we are only seeing these complications escalate.

Our goal is to prepare our customers for any increased costs and supply chain complications that may come their way due to the virus. We plan to educate, prepare and support you every step of the way with full transparency. These are unprecedented times, but we’re in this together.

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