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KODIAKOTTON® can be reused in the garden in so many ways! A great option is to reuse it as a planter liner. It soaks up water really well for hanging planters or in our case a wooden planter. This particular planter is a repurposed hay feeder from the mid 20th century. We lined the planter with KODIAKOTTON’s poly film first as extra protection for the old wood. This reuse option is so simple and so useful – try it and let us know how you did!

If you reuse our liners in any way, post it to Facebook and tag @KODIAKOOLER1 !


  • any KODIAKOTTON® liner
  • poly film
  • scissors
  • planter
  • garden soil
  • seed starter soil
  • seeds


  1. Remove poly film from KODIAKOTTON liner and set aside.
  2. Measure KODIAKOTTON to fit container (you can do this for the bottom and sides of your container – we just did the bottom of this particular container to make more room for our carrots to grow inside the container).
  3. Cut KODIAKOTTON to fit as needed.
  4. OPTIONAL: Liner container with poly film (we added this step as insurance so we could protect this old wooden planter from rotting).
  5. Line container with KODIAKOTTON.
  6. Fill container with gardening soil.
  7. Add a layer of seed starter mix if you’re using seeds!
  8. Water thoroughly.
  9. Sprinkle seeds across the top according to package instructions (we love Sow True Seed which is semi-local to us in Asheville, NC). In this video we were using carrots which are best sprinkled across the top, sprayed with water, and gently patted down into the soil.


planter liner


UPDATE: The carrots and the planter are THRIVING!

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