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With Mother’s Day right around the corner we wanted to share some shipping tips for anyone planning on shipping their mom something special. Sending something homemade to your mom can really show her how much you love and appreciate her. Let’s make sure all that hard work stays safe and intact on the way to our mothers!

As experts in shipping temperature-sensitive or fragile products, we’ve put together some of our best tips for Mother’s Day Shipping using a real life example. We put together a “cookie sampler” for a special mother (yes, this blog post ended up as a Mother’s Day gift!). We made chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, and tahini chocolate chunk cookies.

Here’s how to pack it out:

  1. Wrap cookies in packs of two, sandwiched together back-to-back so they keep their shape in-transit.
  2. Place in a small box with tissue paper. Dress it up so it’s presented beautifully when mom opens it!  cookies in boxdecorated box
  3. Place the gift box in a KODIAKOTTON® lined box or mailer (depending on your size gift box – you want it to be snug but leave room for a gel pack or two). empty kodiakotton box pack out
  4. Add a frozen gel pack on top of the gift box (it’s best to put the gel pack on top since cool air falls). gel pack
  5. Add a filler (like paper or bubble wrap) to fill up any void space in your box if necessary – this keeps the gift box in place. Close the liner and seal the box.
  6. Done! Drop off your gift to your nearest UPS, Fedex or Post Office for shipping.


Here’s a few other ideas for heartfelt gifts you can ship to your mom:

  • Loaf sampler – bake a couple kinds of loafs like zucchini bread, lemon pound cake, banana bread, etc. and package similarly to how we packaged the cookie sampler.
  • Spring cookie kit – bake some sugar cookies, and package sprinkles and frosting ready to be piped for a fun diy project for mom.
  • Chocolate box – make your own chocolates or fudge and place in mini cupcake liners and secure in a small box. ***this is one to make sure to add some frozen gel packs to your box to make sure the chocolate doesn’t melt on the way.
  • Bake a whole cake! We have a blog post on how to do that here from Valentine’s Day.
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