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  • KODIAKOOLER’s sustainable packaging line, KODIAKOTTON®, is now more accessible for consumers to recycle.
  • KODIAKOOLER sends consumers to H&M to recycle their used textile liners.
  • Company’s commitment to sustainability affirmed.

KODIAKOOLER®, one of the nation’s leading insulated packaging companies, is known for disrupting the temperature-sensitive packaging market by transitioning shippers from the traditional foam coolers to their natural fiber sustainable liners, KODIAKOTTON®. The liners are cotton-based and are mostly made up of recycled blue jeans.

This packaging ultimately ends up in the hands of consumers that regularly receive temperature-sensitive items such as meal kits or pharmaceuticals. KODIAKOOLER has been seeking out realistic disposal options for consumers and provides a page full of useful information on their website. The site features multiple ways to reuse the liners, options for how to recycle every part of the packaging, and even provides the liners’ biodegradability profile. While KODIAKOTTON natural fiber liners are fully recyclable, consumers frequently find it difficult to connect with a program that will take textiles in that form. However, consumers don’t often realize that H&M collects clothes and textiles from “ANY brand, in ANY condition” – including recycled blue jeans.

H&M first launched its worldwide Garment Collecting initiative in 2013 and has since collected over 40,000 tons of clothing. KODIAKOOLER is now adding to that number by sending consumers to H&M stores across the US to drop off their KODIAKOTTON natural fiber liners.

You can locate stores on KODIAKOOLER’s website here.


KODIAKOOLER® is an insulated packaging company that has been serving and leading the industry since 2005. The company’s goal is to provide reliable, sustainable, and innovative packaging for temperature-sensitive products, and it is known for its employees that are passionate about serving their customers faithfully and building relationships founded on integrity.
With expertise in the air carrier and packaging business and a dedication to service and performance, the owner established KODIAKOOLER®, originally Providence Packaging, to serve the needs of small and large customers needing to ship temperature sensitive products. Today, the company’s senior management team includes highly qualified professionals focused on Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing & Logistics, Information Technologies & Marketing, and Business Development.

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