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The past two years have brought the insulated packaging industry record-breaking demand, dwindling supply, and relentless price increases. Our industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but we believe that it’s the difficult times that make us stronger – and we are now seeing the fruit of that.

While our employees have really put in the work to serve our customers during these times, we have been pouring resources into our facilities so that we would come out on the other side of the pandemic stronger than ever before. This has been the busiest, and now most exciting time for KODIAKOOLER®.

We are now vertically integrated, protecting us (and our customers!) from being as affected by industry changes. Thanks to the resources and encouragement provided by our parent company, Airlite Plastics Co., our supply chain is stronger and more reliable than ever before. We feel confident going into 2022 that we can really partner with our customers and ensure they succeed.

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