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With the probability of a COVID-19 vaccine being prepared by the end of the year, concerns arise about how the vaccine will be safely transported. Shipping any pharmaceutical is complex – the temperature of perishable items must be strictly maintained through reliable packaging and successful supply chain optimization.

At KODIAKOOLER®, our thermal shipping solutions have been tested by certified third parties to ensure the integrity of any medicine – in this case a COVID-19 vaccine – remains intact, and the safety of the patient is secure. We have the years of expertise, experience, and knowledge in the Cold Chain industry to ensure a COVID-19 vaccine shipment is successful. The KODIAKOOLER® team encompasses design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing, ensuring trustworthy temperature control no matter the product or situation.

Multiple packaging solutions have already been proven and tested, making our thermal shipping products ready to ship COVID-19 vaccines safely across the US.

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KODIAKOOLER® is an insulated packaging company that has been providing temperature-sensitive solutions to large and small customers since 2005. Through innovations such as KODIAKOTTON® sustainable natural fiber products and time-saving KWIKPACK® technology, KODIAKOOLER stands as the industry leader in temperature-sensitive packaging. For more information, visit

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