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Our cardboard boxes can be reused in tons of ways. Here is a fun one for babies – a sensory board! This is a simple, tactile way to help your baby enjoy tummy time.

Remove one side of the KODIAKOOLER® box, cut different size holes in it and tape different fabrics and materials to it. Bonus points if you use a KODIAKOTTON® liner ;)

We used KODIAKOTTON®, bubble wrap, a fabric scrap, felt, Lovevery crinkle paper, and lace.

cardboard sensory board

If you reuse our liners or cardboard boxes in any way, post it to Facebook and tag @KODIAKOOLER1 !



Our KODIAKOTTON® Natural Fiber insulated liners are made up primarily of cotton, with a small amount of polyester, and a nontoxic binder that holds the fibers together.

The KODIAKOTTON® pads are sealed in a recyclable film with a proprietary additive to promote biodegradation.

Our liners (with and without the poly film) and carboard boxes are nontoxichypoallergenic, and have no evidence of carcinogenicity. They are safe to reuse in many applications – such as a weed barrier, in a compost, and even as a pet bed. Get creative!




KODIAKOOLER® is an insulated packaging company that has been serving and leading the industry since 2005. It is our goal to provide reliable, sustainable, and innovative packaging for temperature-sensitive products, and it is our passion to serve our customers faithfully as we build relationships founded on integrity.

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