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Omaha, NE, February 13, 2020 – Airlite Plastics Co. announced today the unification of their EPS foam brand “Arctic Fox” into their recently acquired Cold Chain company KODIAKOOLER®.

The combination of the Arctic Fox brand into KODIAKOOLER represents another step towards Airlite’s ever-growing Cold Chain division. Arctic Fox has been the branded name for Airlite’s EPS foam coolers and gel ice pack refrigerants manufactured by Airlite. The recent acquisition of KODIAKOOLER by Airlite presented an opportunity to merge all product lines under one name. The KODIAKOOLER brand will now represent a more extensive product offering including EPS foam, natural fiber, and reflective insulation, as well as refrigerants and other cold chain packaging products with distribution across the United States.

“We are very excited about the next phase of our Cold Chain division. Expanding the KODIAKOOLER product line to offer both our manufactured EPS foam along with reflective pouches and box liners, pallet covers, refrigerants, and KODIAKOTTON® (our natural fiber, sustainable packaging product) will allow us to fully service any Cold Chain packaging application,” says President and CEO of Airlite Plastics Co., Brad Crosby.

KODIAKOOLER® is an insulated packaging company that has been providing temperature-sensitive solutions to large and small customers since 2005. Through innovations such as KODIAKOTTON® sustainable natural fiber products and time-saving KWIKPACK® technology, KODIAKOOLER stands as the industry leader in temperature-sensitive packaging. For more information, visit

About Airlite Plastics Co.
Airlite Plastics Co. is a privately held, family-owned company, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska for more than 73 years. Its product lines include containers and lids for food packaging, drink cups and lids, as well as polystyrene coolers, insulated concrete form (ICF) materials, a permeable paving system and other custom plastic products. For more information, please visit


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