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I’m so glad to see there is an alternative to styrofoam. Thank you!

– Marian

My medication arrives completely refrigerated and protected by the insulation.

– Kristina

We get essential medicine shipped in your cooler. The meds arrive perfectly chilled and we LOVE reusing the shipper and it’s “stuffing”! We used to get the meds in white styrofoam coolers and they were horrible. I’m so glad they switched to you!

– Wendy

We got a box from Instead of Flowers and I was worried about it not staying cold getting here. It did surprisingly so pleasantly surprised.

– Sabrina

feel special that a company would go to that much effort to make sure package arrives safely. whenever we get a package that is not as efficient we wonder why the company did not care enough to use the Kodiakotton fiber?

– Michael

This packaging has always been great since I started receiving on a monthly basis, five months ago. Really appreciate all the materials that are used to ensure my products are pristine.

– Juanito

I was very happy with the packaging of my product, thank you

– Veronica

Keep up the great work! Our planet needs all the help it can get!!!!!

– Jane

Appreciate that this packing is compostable! I’m using it around my shrubs to control weeds. It’s easy to cover up with mulch.

– Mary

very good product, keep up the good work! keeps medicine cool during shipping

– Amy

Because of your products and thoughtful packaging, my treats arrived as though they’d never left home……….. I frequently order lobsters from the east coast and their packaging can’t compare to yours. THANK YOU from a happy camper!

– Jane

Often, chocolate chips arrive partially melted, but this was not the case with your packaging. I’m impressed.

– Steven

What a great idea! I hope it catches on. Thanks for making an environmentally-friendly product

– Daniel

Absolutely satisfied. We receive things often with your packaging and we love it. I have used it to make beds for my cats.

– Rose

Was in perfect condition and kept my eagles from NYC cold!! ?

– Joan

The package is always delivered in good condition. I also like the recycling tips that are on the insulation fiber.

– Alexandra

1000% better than Styrofoam. Glad to know this insulation won’t outlive my entire species.

– Andrew

Great company! packing was first rate! I never give a 10 as I feel there is always room for improvement, not so here. expertly packaged with paper and a soft fiber material surrounding the entire products, along with a cold pack Definitely a place to shop also fast shipment

– Linda

I hope future orders use your product.

– Dorothy

Cakes arrived still frozen even though Fedex delivered to the wrong house and sat in the sun all afternoon

– Kathleen

Food products arrived in brutal Texas heat, and were left on the front porch. All contents were in great condition.

– James

I don’t have to worry about my meds getting too warm if I am not at home at time of delivery, the packaging keeps it cool enough till I get it.

– Leo

Everything was great!! Very nice packaging

– Sammy

The carton and the ice packs worked together to ensure the frozen food products I received as a gift arrived still frozen or partially frozen. Most shippers forget that it gets HOT in Texas and they don’t use enough ice. Our FedEx and UPS delivery people don’t get here until after 5:00 pm so items have been in their truck all day. I wish all shippers used your products.

– Anonymous

This is a wonderful way to keep trash out of landfills!

– Anonymous

I was in shock when I opened the carton! Everything was still cool. This is so important for a client who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. I didn’t have to unpack all the protein bars and cool them in frig & then separate from the bars from the packaging.

– Anonymous

I have had many food shipments and this was one of the best.

– Shirley

Shipper was completely intact and contents were still cold. very happy and also not too heavy to handle.

– Teresa

Love this stuff. All the cold items stay that way and when its done…it makes a great stuffing to help large purses keep their shape. I have used it put between the closed window and the shutters, it helps the AC work better. Great product. Thanks

– Penelope

KODIAKOTTON product is the coolest. literally.

– Ryan

The packaging is always in perfect condition and the cold packs inside are intact, still very cold, and the medicine is in perfect condition and very cold.


Very satisfied with quality of the box and padding. I [re]use it as an absorbent, and cushioning in packages I am shipping.


Meat was still frozen solid when I got my package! One of the best cooler package I have come across so far. I really am impressed with the packaging and how it still had my buckets still cold and frozen.


Very well packaged which is important as this was medication.



Love the material. Incredibly insulating…Here in AZ during heat wave the dry ice lasted two days. My son packed a bag of ice cubes in it and drove 9 hours in the heat to NM they did not melt.



Totally amazed on how everything was great in 110 degree temp..


Seriously blown away. Kudos on the sustainability and suggestions of reuse!


Stayed outside all afternoon in the sun, when I found, quickly opened when I saw it was food, and it was still frozen SOLID!!


I can’t think of the best superlative to share w/you on how impressed I am re the this package arrival. I was not home when it was dropped at my front door…on a hot blazing sunny day…..and still feeling like it just came out of a frigid zone…..excellent packaging/insulation …..thank you.


This worked incredibly well. We had ice cream shipped from New York to Seattle. It was still quite solid frozen when it arrived! I am very impressed by how it was packed. Thank you!


My cake was shipped using the Kodiakotton packaging and it was delivered to me frozen and intact.


Ice cream shipped from the East Coast made it all the way to California still frozen. Your product is fantastic and I would not have believed that you could ship ice cream from coast to coast and still have it arrive frozen. Great product!!!!!


Thank you for providing a sustainable and practical product.


We received a gift packaged with the KODIAKOTTON shipper. The product was intact and in great condition.


very planet friendly and creative use of natural stuff


Excellent packaging. Actually- this was the best packaging that I have seen from any of the farmers that I’ve ordered from. Kudos!


med i got felt like i just took it out of the ref,even though it sat on my front porch in the hot sun


Everything was frozen! Wonderful and it traveled from Chicago to mountains of Colorado!


I appreciate the sustainability of this packing material, and my goods arrived fresh and cold.


The packaging was excellent. The frozen food was still completely frozen upon arrival.


This seems like a really high quality product, and I really applaud you guys for putting such a large emphasis on sustainability!


This box and the freezer packs are so impressive! The product was frozen solid and we will reuse the cold packs. They are in our freezer and the box is on a shelf in the garage and will be reused. Also, thank you for caring about the quality of the product and the shipping results.


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