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How to Reuse

Don’t just throw away your KODIAKOTTON® natural fiber pads. There are many ways to repurpose them. Here are just a few exciting ideas:

petbedsPet Beds

The natural fiber pads can be used to make a pet bed. The material is soft and plyable. Your pet will love it. You can buy a cover for it, or make it yourself!  

weedbarrierWeed Barriers

In flower beds, the natural fiber pads can be laid down as a barrier for weeds. Water and fertilizer can drain through the pad but weeds cannot come through. 

packagePackage Cushioning

While we use the natural fiber pads for thermal insulation, you can use them to cushion your household items on your next move. 

Pillow Insert/Filling

Cotton, the main product in our natural fiber pads, can be an extremely soft filling for pillows. 

Lawn Killer

If you have an area of lawn that you want to have a flower bed, place the natural fiber pad down. It will kill the grass and weeds for easy removal in just a few weeks.



How to Recycle

Every part of the KODIAKOTTON® natural fiber insulated shipper is recyclable. This means you can recycle the natural fiber pads, the poly film used to wrap KODIAKOTTON®, and the KODIAKOTTON® outer carton (box).

kotton60  kotton4

Natural Fiber Pads

Our natural fiber pads are fully recyclable. Remove them from the poly film and recycle.

Poly Film

After separating the poly film from the natural fiber pads, the poly film can be recycled with the rest of your plastic bags.

The Box

Simply flatten the box and recycle with the rest of your cardboard and paper.

Don’t know the recycling options in your community? Follow this link (http://search.earth911.com/) and search “natural fiber pads”, “poly film” or “corrugated box” and your zip code to help you get started!




KODIAKOTTON® Natural Fiber Pads are biodegradable and compostable as tested by an independent third-party laboratory using ASTM test standards. 

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