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Planter Liner

KODIAKOTTON® can be reused in the garden in so many ways! A great option is to reuse it as a planter liner. It soaks up water really well for hanging planters or in our case a wooden planter. This particular…

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Hot Pad

This reuse idea is for quilters! If you know how to sew or use a sewing machine, it's a simple process. KODIAKOTTON® is the perfect batting for a hot pad! It works as a quilt and thermal batting in one…

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Pillow Stuffing

Our KODIAKOTTON® liners can be easily torn up and used as pillow stuffing. It's so simple, try it for yourself! If you reuse our liners as pillow stuffing or in any other way, post it to Facebook and tag @KODIAKOOLER1…

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Cat Shelter

Reuse idea from @InsomniaDoodles : "I used the safe, natural insulation @Optum uses when they ship my temperature controlled meds to create a winter shelter for neighborhood stray cats! It’s getting nippy out there, and I always feel bad for…

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Weed Barrier

KODIAKOTTON® liners serve as great weed barriers. In flower beds, the natural fiber pads can be laid down as a barrier for weeds. Water and fertilizer can drain through the pad but weeds cannot come through.  If you reuse our…

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Grocery Bag

KODIAKOTTON® liners can be reused to insulate cold items you buy at your local grocery store. Don't worry about leaving that icecream in the trunk when you run extra errands after a trip to the store. You can even go…

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