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Your complete guide to shipping temperature sensitive foods

As the world moves increasingly toward delivery and e-commerce, packaging in the food industry has to continue to adapt. Although insulated food packaging has existed for a long time, the industry and demands are constantly changing. In fact, temperature sensitive shipping has become one of the most complex markets in the world.

KODIAKOOLER is your complete insulated packaging partner, helping you navigate your options and take the complexity out of the equation. Regardless of your industry or the food you’re shipping, we tailor high-performance shipping solutions to meet your unique temperature requirements and ensure your products arrive fresh.

Premium Meats

Whether you’re shipping premium grass-fed beef or a high-end rack of ribs, we know how crucial insulation performance is. And with consumers becoming more sustainably conscious each year, there is increasing demand for high-performance and eco-friendly solutions.

KODIAKOOLER has invested heavily in a brand-new kind of biodegradable foam. This foam performs identically to traditional foam and stays rigid throughout the shipping process, so customers can now feel good about throwing these coolers away.

Other recommended options for insulated shipping for meat include:
Kotton liners, pre-qualified shippers, standard foam coolers, or add refrigerants and foil for extra layers of protection!

Premium Seafood 

Like premium meats, we get that seafood demands high performance across the cold chain. And being an industry with a slightly higher emphasis on sustainability and sustainability messaging, seafood is the perfect fit for our line of Kotton liners. These Kotton liners can be customized in size, color, lamination, and performance to fit your specific challenges and needs while helping you and your customers meet your sustainability goals. Our liners can be tossed in with garbage waste and biodegrade within a year.

Other recommended options for insulated shipping for seafood include:
Biodegradable foam, pre-qualified shippers, standard foam coolers, or add refrigerants and foil for extra layers of protection!

Meal Kits

After COVID, we’ve seen meal kits enjoy a massive rise in popularity, followed by under 5% user retention within the first year. We understand how vital building brand loyalty and familiarity are to helping you increase customer retention. That’s why we offer our craft paper laminated Kotton liners, which allow you to print any branding and messaging you want on the surface while maintaining the temperature needed throughout transit. And the best part? These Kotton liners can be disposed of easily with other waste and will biodegrade in a year or less.

Bakeries and Ice Cream

The transition from retail to e-commerce can be daunting for an ice cream shop or bakery. With each pint and baked good being so fragile, it can sometimes be difficult to provide appropriately protective packaging that also ‘stands out on the shelf.’ To help you build brand loyalty and trust, we recommend a creatively branded corrugated box with our inserted foam cooler. Get the premium, customized look in an easily stackable package, and even add foil pallet covers for complete assurance that your product is delivered without issue.

Other recommended options for insulated shipping for bakeries and ice cream include: Biodegradable foam coolers, pre-qualified shippers, or Kotton liners


Confectionaries are known to have a higher tolerance to temperature change than many other consumables. Because of this, this area is less reliant on refrigeration or pre-qualified and tested cold chain solutions. However, there is still often a significant need to keep these candies from melting in transit. For our confectionary partners, KODIAKOOLER recommends our insulating foil for insulated packaging, which is ideal for these kinds of heat sensitive confectioneries.

Other recommended options for insulated shipping for confectionaries include:
Biodegradable foam coolers and Kotton liners


Beverages present a unique challenge in the temperature sensitive shipping industry. We know that keeping drinks refrigerated but not frozen and the bottles and cans safe from impact takes a special kind of cold chain packaging. For drinks, KODIAKOOLER recommends our Kotton liners in a rigid corrugated box. These liners provide the high performance you demand and the cushioning the product needs to reach every destination intact.

Other recommended options for insulated shipping for drinks include:
Biodegradable foam coolers


From premium meats to sweet treats, KODIAKOOLER offers sustainable performance packaging that looks fresh and keeps the products fresh too. Let’s simplify and elevate your shipping strategy while making your brand stand out on the shelf. Contact us today to learn more about how KODIAKOOLER can be a strategic partner to your organization.

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