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Takeaways from the ASEMBIA ASX24 Summit

Last month, we capped off an exciting few days at the 20th annual, 2024 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit (ASX24). After speaking with partners at the booth and listening in on key presentations, a number of industry trends were made evident to us. From artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry to consumer-centric patient care, the pharmaceutical industry faces changes like never before.

As a complete insulated packaging partner committed to understanding your needs, objectives, and strategies, we want to ensure that our research is shared and that you have the latest industry news. Here’s our summary of the key insights gained at ASX24:

The future of immunology and oncology.
Immunology and oncology were two of the most prominent specialty pharmaceutical industries highlighted at Asembia. So far in 2024, both mail-delivered immunology (20.8%) and oncology (16.1%) specialty medications have grown year over year. This trend will only continue as oncology is expected to remain the largest therapy area by 2028. And over the next five years, all major autoimmune indications will likely see 6-7 MoAs with 12-15 brands competing in them. This means more costly, mail-order drugs are being developed and will continue to be developed for the foreseeable future. We know that these drugs are expensive to bring to market, and it is crucial to protect them. If you are looking for simple ways to ensure product safety and accreditation, explore KODIAKOOLER’s packaging options today.

The rise of obesity drugs and GLP-1s.
The prominence of obesity drugs in the form of GLP-1s continues to dominate the growth in the retail pharmacy space and is expected to quickly become a top-five global market. As the healthcare industry seeks to become one of preventative care and obesity continues to compound comorbidities in younger adults, obesity drugs have been flourishing with growth. This focus is causing providers to ask important questions like, how will treating obesity impact therapeutic areas like diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Regardless of the impacts, the obesity GLP-1 drug industry is growing fast and many need to stay within 2-8C. If you’re looking for ways to safely deliver mail-order obesity GLP-1s, see how we’re meeting the industry’s changing needs with our KOTTON insulated packaging.


The impact of consumer driven healthcare.
One of the most apparent trends in the pharmaceutical industry is the shift to hyper-consumerism healthcare. The more conversations we had at Asembia, the greater our understanding of the changes healthcare is making toward delighting patients. Improving the patients’ experience from initial discovery to final bill payments is becoming crucial as an increasing number of biosimilars and competition penetrate markets. We understand that ease, sustainability, and performance are paramount and will be increasingly important to companies like yours. Discover how KODIAKOOLER is adapting and innovating with our sustainability and testing programs.


As the pharmaceutical industry evolves, KODIAKOOLER adapts to it. Our constant research, along with industry insights gained at events like ASX24, help us keep pace and provide you with the most reliable, secure, and sustainable packaging solutions possible. Contact us today to learn more about how KODIAKOOLER can be a strategic partner to your organization.

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