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We want to bring you the best product possible.  If we aren’t 100% confident that your Sweet’s will remain safe throughout the shipping process, we don’t ship.

Sweet’s is committed to product safety and environmental stewardship, so we are extremely excited to announce our newest shipping technique, in partnership with KODIAKOOLER® of Mooresville, NC.  When you open a box from Sweet’s, you’ll find our standard reusable ice pack tucked in beside your bottle, all safely swaddled in KODIAKOTTON®.

KODIAKOTTON® is an environmentally responsible alternative to foam coolers and plastic bubble wrap.  Made of natural cotton fiber – primarily recycled blue jeans – KODIAKOTTON® is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.  It protects your Sweet’s bottle during transit, absorbs condensation, and helps maintain proper food-safe temperature in hot or cold weather.

Sweet’s purchased online is shipped on Mondays through Thursdays.  We do this to avoid your box sitting in a post office over the weekend.  Your order will typically arrive within one to two days.  During shipping, the ice pack nestled beside your Sweet’s bottle will gradually thaw, slowed by the KODIAKOTTON®.  The syrup may come to room temperature, but Sweet’s has been successfully lab tested for short-term safety in this range.  Simply get your syrup into the fridge as soon as it arrives.

When you open a Sweet’s package, you’ll also find a little card explaining how to dispose of KODIAKOTTON®.  While you can certainly add it to your compost bin, there’s another fun option.  Bring your used KODIAKOTTON® liners to any location of H&M or The North Face for recycling and you’ll receive a thank-you perk for caring for our environment!  H&M will give you 15% off any purchase, while The North Face will take $10 off any order over $100.  KODIAKOOLER® is working to grow this initiative to include other forward-thinking companies.

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– Tracy Dygert for Sweet’s Syrup




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