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(Reposted from Aug 17, 2018)

OptumRx is becoming the first major pharmacy care services company to introduce fully sustainable medication packaging that replaces polystyrene, or foam. The new packaging delivers temperature-sensitive specialty and maintenance prescriptions to consumers’ homes while ensuring the safety and quality of the medication remain intact.

Eliminating foam commonly used in medication home delivery is part of the company’s effort to ensure all packaging used in OptumRx home delivery facilities is recyclable. The new packaging is made from 100-percent renewable cotton and is biodegradable, compostable, reusable and recyclable. By using the new packaging to deliver approximately 4 million prescriptions each year, OptumRx projects annual savings of:

  • Nearly 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide;
  • 17 million gallons of water; and
  • 4 million kilowatt hours of energy.

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