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Pillow Stuffing

Our KODIAKOTTON® liners can be easily torn up and used as pillow stuffing. It's so simple, try it for yourself! If you reuse our liners as pillow stuffing or in any other way, post it to Facebook and tag @KODIAKOOLER1…

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Cat Shelter

Reuse idea from @InsomniaDoodles : "I used the safe, natural insulation @Optum uses when they ship my temperature controlled meds to create a winter shelter for neighborhood stray cats! It’s getting nippy out there, and I always feel bad for…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Shippers

With the probability of a COVID-19 vaccine being prepared by the end of the year, concerns arise about how the vaccine will be safely transported. Shipping any pharmaceutical is complex – the temperature of perishable items must be strictly maintained…

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