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Dog Bed

Make a bed for your dog with our KODIAKOTTON® liners! Being cotton based, the liners are very soft and hypoallergenic – completely safe for any dog. Cut the liners to fit your dog’s crate and leave as-is or cover with your own fabric!

dog bed

If you reuse our liners in any way, post it to Facebook and tag @KODIAKOOLER1 !



Our KODIAKOTTON® Natural Fiber insulated liners are made up primarily of cotton, with a small amount of polyester, and a nontoxic binder that holds the fibers together.

The KODIAKOTTON® pads are sealed in a recyclable film with a proprietary additive to promote biodegradation.

Our liners (with and without the poly film) and carboard boxes are nontoxichypoallergenic, and have no evidence of carcinogenicity. They are safe to reuse in many applications – such as a weed barrier, in a compost, and even as a pet bed. Get creative!




KODIAKOOLER® is an insulated packaging company that has been serving and leading the industry since 2005. It is our goal to provide reliable, sustainable, and innovative packaging for temperature-sensitive products, and it is our passion to serve our customers faithfully as we build relationships founded on integrity.

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  1. I just wanted to see if I covered the liners with my own fabric to make dog bedding, would I be able to launder them? Also, would they work for bedding in cages for smaller critters, such as hamsters? My son receives medication monthly that is packaged in Kodiakotton liners. I’m excited to use them to make some dog crate liners. I just wanted to check if I needed to go to the extra expense and difficulty of making the covers removable for washing. We will have a supply to replace for many years (and be able to reuse them to line the flower beds), but if they are forever enclosed they’re sure to stink quickly.

    1. Hi Shari! We’re excited you want to reuse the liners. The liners have not been tested in a washer or dryer, so I would recommend making the covers removable for washing.

    2. I was trying to figure out what to do with my insulation from my shipping package this week – researched the recycling options and came across this idea for the dog bed – my particular box came with 2 pieces which fit perfectly side by side inside a cute pillowcase for the dog crate! Wish I could share the pic. I would say to your question about washing – I think the material would come apart in the washer and you would have a mess – but the pillowcase will be easy to pull off to wash and replace the pads as needed.

  2. Can the liners be used for other pet’s bedding? We have a pet rabbit. Thanks for helping to inform us about recycling your products.

  3. We just received some liners and think we could use them to insulate feral cat shelters. Will they keep heat in as well as cold? Right now we place Styrofoam panels in between two plastic totes to insulate the shelters. If we cover the Kodiakotton liners in plastic, can we use as cushions inside the feral shelters?

    1. Hi Kathleen! Yes – our liners insulate just as well as, or better than, foam. And yes they can also be used as great cushions and can be covered in plastic.

    2. Instead of purchasing coco liners for hanging plants, I’m going to try these first.

  4. I was wondering if the cotton filler could be used inside hot pads to set a pan or dish on.

  5. Can this kodiakotton be used as stuffing for stuffed toys, etc.? Or is it not safe enough?

  6. Can the kodiakotton be used as stuffing for toys, etc.? In place of polyester fiberfill?

    1. Yes! That’s a great idea! Send us a picture on facebook when you do, we’d love to see it!

  7. I will be starting backyard chickens soon, and am wondering if they would make good beds for chickens?

  8. I am SO excited to read all these ideas for recycling this material! I have a ‘must have’ medication that is shipped to me monthly, and I have amassed quite the collection of the ‘Kotton’…….I also have to say KUDOS to the specialty pharmacy my medication comes from for utilizing such fabulous products in their packaging– (and yes, I intend to thank them, too!)


  9. I want to make dog beds with the kodiacotton. Can it be glued to make a wider and bigger

    1. You could glue the panels together. I would recommend a non-toxic adhesive that is made for fabrics. I would also reach out to the adhesive manufacturer to make sure that the glue will not hurt your pets.

  10. I’ve just come across this and I, too, am *thrilled* to read the many creative ways kodiakooler recipients are posting ideas for reusing the cotton in Kodiakoolers!
    I receive shipments of Wünder Creamery quark — part of my daily diet, packed in Kodiakoolers. I get quite a lot of the cotton insulation in the boxes, and am happy to now have half a dozen different ideas for using it. THANKS to everyone for all the great ideas!
    It feels great to purchase products from a company that goes the extra mile to use recyclable, sustainable packaging. I’m especially proud of the collaboration with Kodiakooler, having just learned they’re located in my home state of North Carolina. Way to go, KODIAKOOLER!!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Amy!! We’re so glad you love our packaging.

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