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Dog Bed

Make a bed for your dog with our KODIAKOTTON® liners! Being cotton based, the liners are very soft and hypoallergenic. Cut the liners to fit your dog’s crate and leave as-is or cover with your own fabric!

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  1. I just wanted to see if I covered the liners with my own fabric to make dog bedding, would I be able to launder them? Also, would they work for bedding in cages for smaller critters, such as hamsters? My son receives medication monthly that is packaged in Kodiakotton liners. I’m excited to use them to make some dog crate liners. I just wanted to check if I needed to go to the extra expense and difficulty of making the covers removable for washing. We will have a supply to replace for many years (and be able to reuse them to line the flower beds), but if they are forever enclosed they’re sure to stink quickly.

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